Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Amazon

A-mazon in Greek means 'without breast'. This name refered to the legendary female warrior tribe that were said to cut off their right breasts, in order to better draw bow, throw spear and generally intimidate men.

Unattributed sources indicate that this may also have made low-level household chores easier. Currently unclear whether this topic forms part of the trip, but here is the information we have so far:

'Eco-magic' Tour (apparently...)

Day 1: Monkey Island, which sounds like a theme park ride.

We'll fly into Puerto Maldonado, 'Peru's capital of biodiversity'. By bus, we will continue to Capitania, a small river port, where a motorboat will take us across the Madre de Dios River.

'As the trip progresses we will become immersed in the natural surroundings of the jungle while observing the ronsoco[capybara], caimans [crocodiles], turtles, herons, cormorants, and other animals. We will arrive at the EcoAmazonia Lodge and enjoy a welcome drink and then settle into our bungalows for lunch. In the afternoon accompanied by a guide we will visit Monkey Island, a unique place at the heart of the Madre de Dios River. Along the way we will take in a variety of flora that are home to variety of monkey species including, maquisapas, capuchins [two types of monkey], lion monkeys, puffins, and cotos [parrot], along with other animals like coati [anteater, I think], sloth and a great diversity of birds. We'll complete our visit to the island by enjoying the sunset and then return to the lodge for dinner.'

Day 2: Lake Apu Victor

After breakfast, a walk deep into the jungle, along paths and canyon bridges to Caiman's Cave [which sounds ominous] and majestic Lake Apu with its crystal clear waters surrounding jungle marshes and giant tree species. Further along the way we'll ascend to an observation point that opens up a spectacular panorama over the lake. We will observe guacamayoa [the lesser-known endangered brother of the popular avocado dip], toucans, camungo, shanshos [all types of bird], herons and other animals such as caimans and turtles. If we are lucky we may even glimpse the giant otter, the jungle's 'most impressive' animal. [I was initially cynical about this, but an google image search confirms this claim:]

Day 2 afternoon: Gamitana River

On this excurion you will be able to take a dip and fish in the river before returning home for dinner

Day 3: breakfast and airport transfer

Just watch out for angry women running around half-naked.

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